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Who We Are

Tamraty Almomayaza is leading date store that holds a wide variety and the best dates hand picked from its farms. Our expertise and knowledge in the industry has gotten us reconginzed in many occassions and made our clients come back.

When you visit us, you will be greeted with authentic Arabian coffee along with a sample of our dates to try. Then our experts will take you around our products to fit your needs. We really look forward to your next visit to our branches in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and very soon we will have many other branches.

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Our Branches

  • Alrawda Street

    Alrawda Street - East, Next to Donut House Phone :+966-12-663-7995 E-mail
  • Batterjee Street

    Batterjee Street, across from Saudi German Hospital Phone :+966-12-682-2798 E-mail